Tarte Végétalienne Poire-Chocolat /Vegan Pear Chocolate Cake


I wish I could find the words to describe how delicious this cake is. Just imagine a mix of bananas- pears- chocolate… and this is not all! I added also some chestnut puree, which I consider the discovery of 2013 year as I have never used it before in kitchen.

Raw pear chocolate cakeThe recipe:
The crust:
1,5 cup hazelnut
1 cup of walnuts
4-5 pitted Medjool dates
1 pinch of salt

The pear filling:
2 big ripe pears, peeled and taken out the cores

The chocolate mousse:
1/2 cup cashews
2 bananas
1 big ripe pear, peeled and taken out the core
200 gr simple chestnut puree( without sugar)
200 gr bio dark chocolate

To make the crust :
1. Process the walnuts and the hazelnuts in a mixer until finely chopped. Add the dates and the salt and mix until the composition starts to hold together.
2. Press the mixture into the bottom of a mold lined with parchment paper and set aside.
To make the pear filling:
1. Grate the pears (the juice obtained from grating the pears will be used for the chocolate mousse).
2. Pour the grated pears over the crust.
To make the chocolate mousse:
1. Melt the chocoate in a bain-marie, allow it to cool just a little bit warmer than room temperature.
2. Mix the cashews, bananas, pear, chestnut puree and the juice from the grated pears until smooth.
3. Add the melted chocolate and mix well. You will get one of the most delicious chocomousse.
Pour it over the pears and let it stiff!
P.S. As unit of measure, use a cup of 220 ml.tarte poire-chocolat

J’aimerais pouvoir décrire à quel point cette tarte est délicieuse. Imaginez-vous un mélange de bananes-poires-chocolat! J’y ai aussi ajouté de la purée de châtaignes, qui est pour moi la révélation de l’année 2013.
La recette:
Pour la croûte:
1,5 verre de noisettes
1 verre de noix
4-5 dattes Medjool dénoyautées
1 pincée de sel

Pour la couche de poires:
2 grandes poires pelées et épépinées

Pour le chocomousse:
1/2 verre de noix de cajou
2 bananes
1 grande poire pelée et épépinée
200 gr de purée de chataignes (sans sucre)
200 gr chocolat bio (noir)

Pour faire la croûte :
1. Dans un robot culinaire mélanger les noix et les noisettes ensemble. Mélangez jusqu’à ce que les noix soient bien pulvériser et que le tout est bien mélangé ensemble. Ajouter ensuite les dattes et le sel et mélanger.
2. Etaler la croûte dans le fond d’un moule à tarte (couverte de papier sulfurisé sur les bords) de 28 cm (8-10 pers.) de diamètre.
Pour la couche de poires :
1. Râper les poires ( le jus obtenu va être utilisé pour le chocomousse)
2. Verser les poires râpées sur la croûte.
Pour faire le chocomousse:
1. Faire fondre le chocolat au bain-marie, laisser refroidir un peu.
2. Dans le robot culinaire, mélanger tous les ingrédients – sauf le chocolat fondu-: les bananes, la poire, les noix de cajou, le jus des poires râpées, la purée de chataignes jusqu’à ce que la composition devienne uniforme et lisse.
3. Ajouter le chocolat fondu et mélanger. Verser le chocomousse sur les poires.

P.S. Utilisez une tasse de 220ml de contenance comme unité de mesure.

Kvas Soap

selling kvas on streetsIf you are born in one of the former Soviet states, you have certainly at least once drunk some kvas. Sweet, with a taste like a natural cola, kvas represents a major part of Russian culture. It is especially popular in Russia and Ukraine, but also well known in other countries where there is Russian influence. So rich in vitamin B, kvas seems to be good for digestion and detox but we know it especially as the most efficient drink for refreshing during a hot summer day. The most beautiful memory about kvas I have is being sold on streets in yellow portable metal barrels which resemble miniature tanker trailers and people stopping and drinking it. Today this habit so associated with soviet times, is less popular in my country of origin, Moldova. But I do remember during our last visit in Kiev that the 1st thing I wanted to was to get to drink some kvas. Sadly, the taste was different from the one I grew up with…but I was so happy to have found it! I bought some for home too, and of course I made a soap of it.Kvas Soap

For those curious how can you make home your own kvas, you can find an easy recipe here.

Soap made of: kvas, coconut oil, olive oil, cacao butter, sunflower oil, patchouli essential oil, lavender essential oil, basil seeds.

Dragobete’s chocolate mousse

Dragobete este sarbatoarea dragostei la romani. Autentica, puternica, sarbatoarea marcheaza inceputul primaverii si reinvierea iubirii, prilej pentru care, cu siguranta, trebuie sa sarbatorim cu …ciocolata.  Acest desert e pentru cei carora le place sa si condimenteze iubirea cu putina jovialitate, rasfat si zambete ascunse…e pentru indragostitul din fiecare, pentru cei care iubesc iubirea, si o pastreaza inexplicabila si parfumata… sa iubim frantuzeste si sa ne delectam copilareste!

Lucuma chocolate mousseReteta (4 portii):
Pentru mousse de ciocolata-lucuma:
3 banane
200 gr de castane fierte la abur/piure de castane
400 ml de lapte de cocos(bio sau de casa)
70 gr de ciocolata neagra bio
2 linguri de pudra de lucuma
Se amesteca bananele, laptele de cocos si piureul de castane intr un mixer, dupa care se imparte crema in doua: se adaoga lucuma in prima jumatate si ciocolata topita in a doua jumatate de crema. Se toarna in pahare, alternand cele doua straturi. Se orneaza cu ciocolata rasa/coaja de portocale.
Pentru mousse de ciocolata:
Se renunta la lucuma (optional) si se adauga mai multa ciocolata neagra( 100-150 gr). Se orneaza cu crema de lapte de cocos si ciocolata neagra rasa.

Raw chocolate mousseRecipe:

For the lucuma-chocolate mousse:
3 bananas
200 gr chestnut puree/cooked chestnuts
400 ml bio coconut milk(bio or homemade)
70 gr bio dark chocolate
2 TbSp lucuma powder
Mix the bananas, the chestnut puree and the coconut milk with a blender, then divide the obtained cream in 2: add lucuma to the 1st part and the melted chocolate to the 2nd part, mixing well. Pour carefully the both creams into 4 pretty glasses, alternating layers.  Decorate with some grated chocolate / orage peel. Place it in the frigo to let it stiff.
For the chocolate mousse: add to the previous obtained cream more chocolate (instead of 70 gr you can use 100-150 gr). Pour it carefully into glasses and decorate with some coconut cream and some grated chocolate. Place it in the frigo to let it stiff.

Raw ‘Nuts’ Bars

NutsI promised myself to make and eat less cookies and cakes this year, but God…. it’s too difficult to resist! Luckily I made these bars when we had some visitors …it made me feel less guilty :)
One of my favourite childhood bars are ”Nuts”. I loved them from the their advertisement which promised it contains many big nuts …From what I remember this bar was really too sweet and I always wished it contained more nuts … Here is my version: with lots of nuts and much more healthy.
For the nougat:
1,5 cup almonds (peeled)
2 Tsp honey/agave etc
pinch of salt
1-2 TbSp water
For the caramel:
6-7 pitted Medjool dates
4 TbSp water
1 TbSp almond butter
1 TbSp peanut butter (for alergy free version, 2 TbSp almond butter)
pinch of salt
For the nuts layer:
~1 cup of nuts
Chocolate ganache:
50 gr bio dark chocolate

To make the nougat:
1. Process the almonds in a mixer until finely chopped. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until the composition starts to hold together when squeezed.
2. Press the mixture into the bottom of a mold lined with parchment paper.
3. Place the composition for some min( 15 min) in the freezer, while you are preparing the caramel.

To make the caramel filling:
1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and mix until everything is homogenous.
2. Take your composition out of the freezer and cut it in small bars(8cm x 2cm).
3. Cover the nougat filling with the nuts.
4. Pour the caramel over the nuts, smoothing out and then place it in the freezer for some mins.

For the chocolate ganache:
1. Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie.
2. Allow the ganache to cool slightly and then pour it over the bars, starting at the center of the bar and work outward.
As unit of measure, use a cup of 220 ml.

Recipe submitted to Wellness weekend.
Nuts version crueJe m’étais promis cette année de faire et surtout de manger moins de gâteaux et de sucreries, mais …c’est trop difficile de m’y tenir. Heureusement, j’ai fait ces chocolats lorsque l’ on a reçu de la visite, ce qui m’a permis de moins culpabiliser. ‘Nuts’ fait partie de mes chocolats d’enfance préférés. Je les ai aimés au travers des publicités qui annonçaient un goût riche en noisettes, mais selon mes souvenirs, cette barre était trop sucrée et elle ne contenait pas assez de noisettes à mon goût.
Voilà ma version avec beaucoup plus de noisettes et beaucoup plus saine.

Pour le nougat:
1,5 verre d’amandes blanchies
2 CàS du miel/agave
1 pincée de sel
2 CàS d’eau
Pour la couche de caramel:
6-7 dattes Medjool dénoyautées
4 CàS d’eau
1 CàS de beurre d’amandes
1 CàS beurre de cacahuète(bio) ( pour une version sans allergènes : 2 CàS de beurre d’amandes)
1 pincée de sel
Pour la couche de noisette:
~1 verre de noisettes
Pour la ganache au chocolat:
50 gr de chocolat bio(noir)


Pour le nougat :
1. Dans un robot culinaire réduire les amandes en purée homogène. Ajouter les autres ingrédients et mixer jusqu’à ce que le mélange devienne uniforme.
2. Etaler le nougat sur du papier sulfurisé en une couche de ~1cm.
3. Réserver au réfrigérateur pour ~15 min, pendant que l’on prépare le caramel.

Pour la couche de caramel:
1. Dans le robot culinaire, mélanger tous les ingrédients jusqu’à ce que la composition devienne uniforme et lisse.
2. Retirer le nougat du réfrigérateur et couper le en petits barres(8cm x 2cm).
3. Couvrir bien chaque barre de noisettes.
4. Couvrir les noisettes d’une couche de caramel et réserver au réfrigérateur pour quelques minutes.

Pour la ganache au chocolat:
1. Faire fondre le chocolat au bain-marie.
2. Laisser tiédir le chocolat et puis couvrir les barres de chocolat.
Utilisez une tasse de 220ml de contenance comme unité de mesure.
Avec cette recette, je participe au concours organisé par La cuisine de Jenny .concours1

Diva Soap

I started this new year with a beautiful gift from a very special person. She is very talented, always preoccupied by details, making gorgeous designs for her soaps, unique packagings for her lipsticks and not only…what one can see on her blog is only a part of her work and passion.

Diva Soap Maja is beautiful and you can see it from what comes from her hands and from her desire to share it with us. She sent me 2 soaps, 1 lipstick and 2 testers for body lotion and face cream. I couldn’t wait for the moment when I could use her soaps (I received them in the evening, and I wanted to take some pictures before using them). I had the honour to receive her Natalie and Impulsive soaps, both stunning! Natalie soap was a 100% natural soap, made of goat milk and clays(Cambrian, Red, Yellow) and natural colorants (alkanet and urucum powder). In reality this soap is even more beautiful! As essential oils, Maja used lavender, peppermint and rosemary which make a nice combination.Natalie Soap

Impulsive is one the most beautiful soaps made by Maja: unique and special through its design, I couldn’t decide between using or not, for me it was like a ‘portrait’ soap which should be kept and never touched. It contains silk( wow!)and goat milk, and has an interesting fragrance.Impulsive Soap

The creams Maja sent were also very good. Made only of good quality ingredients( and black cumin oil!) the face cream had a light texture, providing a long term hydration during the day. The body milk gave a silky touch to the skin, which we all love.

I have to thank Maja for sending me a lip balm too!  Where the other products will be quickly finished, this one will last some months. I use it every day and I like the idea of remembering that it comes from a special person. The recipe is lovely and I adore its natural colour (it contains also alkanet) and fragrance. It’s a pleasure to use it!

I really felt like a ‘diva’ using these products. Thank you, Maja, for being a friend and for all your support during this soap adventure and, of course, thank you for sending me these wonderful products!

Sapun Natural Armonia

Mi e si rusine ca au trecut atatea luni decand am primit pachetul Lizei cu sapunele si inca nu am reusit sa scriu despre ele aici. Nu stiu cum s a intamplat: mai intai am vrut sa termin de testat samponul Ciresicai , dupa am hotarat sa trec la un alt tip de sampon, dupa mi am zis ca voi scrie despre sapunurile Lizei abia dupa ce voi testa samponul ei si asa a trecut timpul. Imi pare rau, Liza, si sper ca nu te ai suparat pe mine.
Din partea Lizei am primit un sampon foarte interesant si doua sapunele tare dragalase.liza 3
Samponul a fost produsul pe care tare mult am vrut sa l testez si asta pentru ca stiam de la Liza ca e foarte bun atat pentru parul ei cat si pentru ceilalti care au mai avut ocazia sa l testeze. De fapt, samponul meu solid a avut ca punct de plecare si experienta Lizei, pentru care o multumesc. Samponul contine, pe langa uleiurile clasice, si ulei de neem, de avocado, galbenus de ou, lapte de capra, miere, pudra de shikakaï, uleiuri esentiale de tea-trea, rozmarin, salvie si niaouli. La asa ingrediente este foarte greu sa nu i cada parului tau pe plac. La inceput am folosit suc de lamaie/otet de mere la clatire insa dupa cateva spalari,  nu a mai fost nevoie de aceasta clatire.lizaSapunul SheaLux a fost un sapun superb: extrem de frumos si de alb, ornat cu trandafiri,  parfumat si atat de delicat. A fost sapunul pe care l am probat cel dintai. Cu o formula bine gandita, sapunul a fost o placere, lasand mainile, dupa spalare, frumos hidratate si lejer pafumate.
Cel de al doilea sapun, cu o forma de ingeras de care greu m am putut indulmeca sa l folosesc, continea alkanet ca si colorant natural. Combinatia de uleiuri esentiale : lavanda, salvie si patchouli este una foarte reusita si am imprumutat o si eu de curand. Fetele mele au indragit acest sapunel cremos (contine si miere!) care devenise al lor.

Este atat de frumos sa primesti sapunuri de la alte ‘colege’ pentru ca nu e doar un dar dar si o lectie, mai ales cand le primesti de la persoane cu experienta. Iti multumesc, Liza , a fost o placere sa descopar in realitate cat de bine poti face sapunuri dar mai ales cat de eficiente pot fi sampoanele tale.