Beer Soap

As I have never tried before to create a soap based on beer, I was very curious what this challenge would bring me. I followed the same process as with milk soap.

Seeing the result at first sight I was very enthusiastic: the colour worked out really nice. While I was already thinking of the next soaps I was back with two feet on earth when I tried to cut my soap … not easy at all…

After not having touched the soap for 24h , it became easier to cut.

I like this first beer soap (made of coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, bay laurel powder) which has the scent of ylang-ylang, eucaliptus and pine .

Thanks Amy for this lovely challenge!

10 thoughts on “Beer Soap

  1. Foarte frumos ti-a iesit, imi place foarte mult si bucatelele galbene de la baza sapunului dau o nota interesanta per ansamblu !

  2. It looks very nice, Natalia!! Did you also make a cocoa powder line between layers? Your scent blend sounds so different – makes me very curious about how it smells!! Great job!

  3. arata foarte bine si aceasta ultima creatie a ta:) cum am mai spus, tot ce incerci, iti iese bine:) tine-o tot asa:)

  4. J’aime bien ton contraste de couleurs. Ca en jette vraiment ces savons avec ligne !
    Merci pour ta synergie d’HE😉

  5. on dirait du nougat !! j’aime tes savons ..
    ps: j’en ai commandé chez princesse des neiges quelle belle douceur … toi tu en vends ?

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