Graduate Colours Soaps

I believe this is my favourite challenge…because of its simplicity. I found the blue soap made by Amy so lovely that I couldn’t wait trying my own gradure colours soap. As for the previous technique I had to use colorants, this time I was content to use only natural ingredients. My first experience: red clay and carrotjuice scented with niaouli, as I wanted this soap to be a facial one. Maybe I should have started with a darker colour …What I like is the fact the colour changes from dark to light without seeing the layers.

The second trial was with activated charcoal and unscented. I have never used this miracle before, so I am pretty content to have my own facial bar made of charcoal.
Thank you Amy for having this opportunity of trying these lovely techniques.

Merci Gene pour le prêt des tampons!

21 thoughts on “Graduate Colours Soaps

  1. foarte romantica culoarea asta,privind-o parca as vedea un mal de apa…..apa trista,ingandurata,dar atragatoare.bravo!

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