My First Landscape Soap

Interesting challenge, but i didn’t have so much time to think about this soap as I wanted, because I had to prepare the luggage for a mini-holiday🙂

Soap made of coconut oil, safflower oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, palm oil. For this rustic soap I wanted to have a rustic scent also, so I combined the lavender essential oil with a little bit of sage essential oil (salvia officinalis) .

Exotic result, I just wish you could smell it…

Thank you Amy for bringing the smile and optimism with this lovely challenge.

Long live the holidays!

12 thoughts on “My First Landscape Soap

  1. Very cool, Natalia! Did you end up making two different batches?? The top one looks more like a sky scene, and the bottom one more like a landscape – both very fun!

  2. Daaa. cam de la postarea asta tot vroiam sa spun si eu ceva. Ti-a iesit foarte bine. Ai fost si inspirata si precisa.
    “Galbenusul” ala arata foarte fain acolo😉
    Felicitari Natalia

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