Green & white clay soap

Savon à l'rgiile verte et blancheThis is one of my favourite soaps as it contains besides vegetable oils ( coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, grapeseeds oil, safflower oil) green and white clay. I have already used once green clay in soap and I was really impressed by the benefits of this natural ingredient. White clay is known as the mildest of all clays, making it the perfect treatment for those with a sensitive and dry skin.

Faux tunnel techniqueI would like to take the opportunity to thank Amy for these lovely moments during these 11 weeks. Those were weeks full of inspiration, colours, smiles. I learned new techniques, I admired hundreds of soaps, I discovered new soap blogs but especially I met nice people and all this thanks to Amy. Thank you Amy for your engagement of helping us, for commenting on every single post, for sharing with us your nice experiments.

I know I will miss all this weekly ‘homework’🙂.

20 thoughts on “Green & white clay soap

  1. What a beautiful funnel pour, Natalia ! There’s simplicity, but interest with the pour and the two colors. After seeing this soap, I went online and picked up some clays to try myself – I’ve never tried them before, but am really liking the idea of an all natural soap without chemical fragrances or colorants. Very nice! I’ll continue to visit your blog and hope to “see” you in a future soap challenge !! ~Suzy

  2. Love your colors and your design! I really like the addition of clays as well. They are some of my favorite soaps.

  3. Great job, Natalia!! I love clay soaps too!! Very lovely faux funnel pour…and it has been my pleasure to do the challenges!! Thank you so much for being such a faithful participant! Glad you’ve had fun, and hopefully we can do some more later. 🙂

  4. Lovely swirls Natalia!! I wanted to be part of Amy’s challenge, but I was in the middle of a big and long move. I had fun seeing what everyone created though.🙂

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