Whey Soap

zerI often make cottage cheese at home. I have grown up seeing my mother making it, so buying the fresh milk and making this cheese brings back memories. If you produce your cheese at home you know that starting from milk you get on one hand cheese, and on the other hand sour whey, which is a very healthful product. I drink it for its proteins, but the use of whey ranges from the internal to the external ones.

Whey Soap
Whey can be used on the skin as an all-in-one gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Whey is gentle and slightly anti-microbial. It seems that whey helps to lighten skin pigmentations such as age spots. In fact, several commercial skin products incorporate whey because of its benefits. Enough reasons to try a soap with it😉

Savon au petit lait

Soap made of: coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, fresh whey, oatmeal, honing, almond powder, cacao powder, grapefruit essential oil.

14 thoughts on “Whey Soap

  1. Uau, Natalia, uitasem de mult de acest by-product din producerea brânzei pe care de obicei îl aruncăm. Probabil, ca și laptele, în săpun are și proprietăți de hidratare, din cauza lactatului de sodiu care rezultă în contact cu soda caustică. Iar săpunelul arată delicios!

  2. Minunata ideea sa faci sapun cu zer si fulgi de ovaz, o sa incerc si eu ca imi place tare mult aceasta combinatie, sapunul a iesit foarte frumos !

  3. Wow,great! The whey has been on my to-do list for a while, but I have so many new things to try.
    Great soap,Natalie! I’m sure it will make such a rich treat for anyone’s skin! Now,you’re making me want make both,cheese and whey soap!
    I must admit I have tried to make cottage cheese,but I ended up with bit thicker milk,no signs of cheese! I should give it another try. As for drinking whey,….let’s say I would rather use it up for a soap😦

  4. What a great idea, Natalia! I sometimes make homemade paneer and never thought to save the whey. I may have to give this a try someday! Your soap turned out beautifully – I love the pencil line and the contrasting browns.

  5. You are so innovative! I would have never thought to use whey in soap, but what a great idea! I love your two-toned soap Natalia, and the ingredients sound so lovely for the skin too!

  6. Отличная идея и её исполнение, Наталья!
    Я хотела у тебя спросить. Я иногда делаю мыло с козьим молоком. Так вот одна из причин, по какой я его делаю не часто – это запах, мне он не нравится. Он, конечно, потом пропадает, но неделю или даже больше мыло всё равно пахтет как-то слегка аммиачно и я это очень не люблю.
    А вот интересно, если делать мыло с сывороткой, то запах тоже неприятный вначале или всё же ок?

    • Да, Ирина, запах сыворотки в мыло в начале неприятный, но это пройдет через 2-3 недели, так что не переживай😉

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