Alkanet and Lavender…

… They suit so well together.Alkanet Soap

I am still experimenting with alkanet which I found fabulous because of the amazing grey, silver, blue, rose or purple. Used as a part of my recipe by replacing regular olive oil with the infused oil, I obtained a natural purplish shade, but the more oil you substitute for the uncolored oil, the darker the purple. The soap will initially turn into a bluish grey, but once the alkalinity level drops it will become as a natural earthy purple.

Savon à l'orcanetteSoap made of coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, olive oil, cacao butter, goat milk, lavender essential oil, alkanet, red ochre.

15 thoughts on “Alkanet and Lavender…

  1. Alkanet is among those lovely natural ingredients I cannot find here. It’s an endemic spices and can be found only in specific areas. Cultivated alkanet for colouring purposes, I haven’t heard anyone has come to it yet,at least not for commercial uses.
    It’s such a lovely bar,dear! I love all different layers, you’re so good in handling them!

      • Are you really coming within 2 months? Not kidding me? So early? Would be really great and will be,no matter when you come!

  2. Beautiful delicate colors. I would soooo like to get alkanet powder, but can´t find any in Finland.

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