The 3rd Week Challenge- Swirls Tops


I was really excited about this challenge, as it gave me the opportunity to try something I have never tried before. Looking at all those beautifully made soaps by Emily was an inspiration for me.

My first soap is a Russian Cambrian Clay soap which contains coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, shea butter, Cambrian blue clay and oxide zinc+activated charcoal. Scented with frankincense essential oil and basil essential oil.


My second try was a lavender and frankincense essential oil soap, which contains for its top alkanet, zinc oxide, poppy seeds, some purple peals. I find this top to charged, not really my style, but this means exploring new things, don’t you think?


Thanks Amy for this colorful challenge, this is something I will certainly try again!

28 thoughts on “The 3rd Week Challenge- Swirls Tops

  1. I´m always so stunned when I see your soaps with all natural colorants. The one with Russian Cambrian Clay is so beautiful. And the glitter makes the top even more interesting.
    Are the purple pearls soap?

  2. That black and white and gray one is gorgeous. You got some awesome swirls in it too! I think this has been my favorite challenge by far! Everyone has some awesome looking tops!!

  3. So pretty Natalia, both soaps! Love the black and white swirls of the first, and the purple is lovely on the second soap!

  4. I just love your soaps Natalia! they are simply stunning! the combinations you use are always spot on and both of those fragrance blends sound gorgeous.

  5. I was really looking forward to seeing your soap for this challenge since using natural colorants only is always little bit demanding… I really like how soaps turned out! I think that those small soap balls are really special detail contributing the overall look of the soap. You inspired me and I started to make them, although it is not easy at all 🙂 Hardly wait to see your new soap designs using this technique!

  6. Beautiful color combination and execution. I think the glitz now and again is called for and looks especially lovely in your soap!

  7. I like your style very much. Both soaps are amazing and the swirls are just beautiful! Personnally I prefer the Cambian Clay one.

  8. Ce frumos ti-au iesit spiralele Natalia! eu nu cred ca as fi facut fata la acest concurs, temele sunt foarte complexe. Bravo!

  9. Tes savons sont vraiment très beaux!! Faut que je fasse le challenge de cette semaine, donc le même, il ne sera pas aussi réussi que les tiens, mais même pas peur🙂

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