Dandelion Soap

If for some people the humble dandelion is only a garden-variety weed, for me this plant represents the spring, a green delicacy marking the end of a looong winter.Sapun cu papadie

Called Dandelion from French ‘dent-de-lion,” or lion’s tooth, it grows in temperate climate zones all over the world. Mostly the dandelion leaves are known to treat conditions affecting the liver but its composition makes from it a healthier plant than that, being rich in vitamin A, C, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. It is a good place to get B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even vitamin D. Dandelion contains protein too, more than spinach. It has been eaten for thousands of years and used to treat anemia, scurvy, skin problems, blood disorders, and depression.

Savon au pissenlitSoap made of coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, sesame oil,  St. John’s Wort oil (Hypericum perforatum) infused in Corn oil, dandelion tea, green mandarin essential oil, lemon essential oil.Taraxacum officinale

23 thoughts on “Dandelion Soap

  1. Wat een heerlijke zeep zal dat zijn. Ik heb de sulpur cream geprobeerd en het is gelukt. Eerst enkele weken laten drogen daarna met de vijzel vermalen, werd een soort van kleipoeder. Fijn weekend en gr.

  2. Hey Nat, you really should make a review of all your herbal soap,after having them tested. There is a herbal treasury around us and I’m sure those tinies give some of their properies to soap.
    Right now,I’m in a search for a herb that is similar to St.John’s Wort,but it’s said to be much powerful!
    Great soap cubes,I like the shape and the stamp is lovely. Will the scent hold on?

    • Thanks Maja! You know, this St. John’s Wort comes from Ohrid🙂
      I have already made a soap with these 2 EOs and I really liked the scent.. and it did hold several months.

  3. Arata tare bine sapunelul si-mi place ca ai folosit plante naturale.
    Draga Natalia, iti doresc multa sanatate si Sarbatori fericite alaturi de cei dragi, te pup !

  4. I´m so waiting for dandelions starting to bloom, but the leaves are still just a few centimeters. I also have to try to make tea from the flowers. Last summer I infused the dandelion flowers in oil and I got a very beautiful yellow color.
    It was nice to get to know that dandelion means lions tooth. It is funny how the names vary in different languages. In Finnish dandelion is voikukka= butter flower and in Swedish maskros= worm rose🙂

    • I was so exited about those beautiful yellow flowers that I forgot to tell you that the soap looks smooth and creamy and the stamp suits it very well.

  5. I like the stamping you did on the soaps..so pretty! And I appreciate the info on the dandelion…I never knew. To me, it’s always been a pesky weed! How do you make “dandelion tea”?

  6. Приятное мыло. И одуванчики! У нас всё еще холодно, только – только мать-мачеха дружно расцвела. Кажется весна так и не разойдётся по-настоящему, и с теплом уже будет лето.

  7. I am surrounded by dandelions but never thought that about them as soapmaking ingredients. Thanks for the idea! Soaps turned out beautiful and stamps are really gorgeous.

  8. J’adore ce savon et j’adore l’idée!!! c’est dingue ce qu’on peut faire avec des pissenlits finalement.
    J’ai découvert un grand nombre d’utilisations insoupçonnées avec les “dandelions” dans un article déniché hier sur Pinterest et aujourd’hui je tombe sur ton savon ^^ Un signe?
    va vraiment falloir que je parte à la cueillette ^^

  9. desolée j’suis pas tres bonne in english… en fait tu l’as fais avec une infusion de fleurs de pissenlit? si oui, c’est une chouette idée ca!! d’ailleurs, ca me dit qu’il faudra que je teste un jour la confiture de pissenlit!

    • Oui, Mélanie! Wow, je suis curieuse de tester la confiture de pissenlit , même si j’ai déjà entendu parler de la salate de pissenlit🙂

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