Peacock Swirl Using Natural Colorants

Who doesn’t like challenges? Even if they take time and energy, challenges are something I do with pleasure: there is always something to learn and you can never get bored of them.

Peacock swirl using natural colorants
When Amy announced her new idea of having each month a challenge, I was really content. The bad part was that I will not be here for the first challenge as we are leaving on holiday (which means no pc, no soap etc). But still I wanted to make this peacock soap as I have never had the time nor the chance to try it. So instead of preparing my luggage I made my peacock soap. The only problem was that I had no special bottles home for this challenge nor that cardboard  but with some imagination, I quickly found the replacements. So instead of those bottles, I used bags ( as used for the leopard spotted soap) and instead of the cardboard with pix, I used a comb which I use when I cut my husband’s hair🙂.

Peacock swirl
For the colors I used: pink Australian clay, spirulina, yellow ochre and black Australian clay. I was so surprised by this blue shade given by the black clay.
The photo is not the best, I know, but this soap was made in the evening so I had no natural light.
Peacock swirl using natura colorants

15 thoughts on “Peacock Swirl Using Natural Colorants

  1. Wow Nat,it’s amazing! The colours are perfect, so wonderful! I cannot wait to see it cut! Hi,hi,using a comb?! And now,you’re a hairdresser,too? Such a crafty girl!
    Have a great holiday, you will have nice weather along the way, the temps has dropped to 20! Bravo on this one,Nat!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! This is spectacular for your first try Nat and with natural colors too…really impressive! Have a wonderful vacation!😀

  3. Beautiful colors, especially the yellow. I think yellow is my new favorite color🙂 You made a very pretty peacock swirl. I have not tried it yet, but maybe in a few weeks or so.

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