Mantra Swirl

I decided to take part in Amy’s Great Cakes Soapworks Mantra Swirl Challenge. For those who are not familiar with this challenge club: each month Amy organizes a new challenge where we try a different soap technique. Interesting, as we get to improve our soapmaking skills. What is different from the other challenges Amy already organized? This challenge takes place once a month; there is a fee to pay but for this small contribution you get acces to an instructional video and written instructions and tips; members have the chance to vote for their favourite soaps, and above all…. there are prices to win!Mantra

I was so impatient to try this technique. Nevertheless, I had some small accidents and I had to retry for several times. First of all, because of the improvised separators for the mold, which fell down twice. The third time I had a bad experience with my natural colourants (I used Australian clay and I believe I put too much and in combination with the essential oils blend, it gave a thick trace). This was my first day of trying this technique. The second day I was more careful with the separators and I changed the colourants and used less of it, which seemed to work. I was more inspired to do a modified mantra swirl, which is accomplished by combining the hanger swirl technique inside the soap. The natural colourants I used are: indigo powder and yellow ochre.

This is my 1st soap:
Mantra Swirl
The second soap looks more as what I wanted, even if the hanger lines aren’t so coherent. Maybe I should give it another try?🙂

Mantra SoapThank you Amy for this challenging experience.

Soap made of: coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, palm oil, cacao butter, indigo, yellow ochre.

41 thoughts on “Mantra Swirl

  1. I think both batches came out beautiful. The color choices are so nice. I chickened out and didnt do the modified version but am inspired by all of you who did these beautiful batches!

    • Thanks Stacie! I had to try several times and using natural colors was not so easy for such a technique, but I am content with the results! It could be better but .. .😉

  2. Great color choices! I love how the mantra swirls turned out – I need to try it also, but I’ve been too busy to do this challenge. I do like the swirls on the second attempt.

  3. Both are just so beautiful. You did a really good job. I especially like the colors in the second soap.

    • Thanks Marika! Yes, the 2st one had too much olive oil, and you can see it. For the 2nd one I reduced the olive oil quantity and it was worth doing it!

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous, Natalia! Both batches are beautiful, but I like the swirls in the second attempt the best, too. Bravo!

  5. I love both soaps Nat…you did such a great job with your hanger swirls and I love your color combination!

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