Gradient Soap

Gradient Colored Soap
Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge for this month was the Multi-Colored Gradient Soap. I have done it before twice and also thanks to Amy’s challenge. Lovely technique, very easy to make as long as you choose a slowly moving trace essential oil.

Last year my gradient soaps contained only 2 colors, therefore I wanted something more colored this year. This is a challenge in itself when using natural colorants.
The used colorants, from bottom to top, are:

alkanet root
alkanet root + xinc oxide
blue methyl + spirulina maxima
spirulina maxima
spirulina+ zinc oxide
urucum powder
rubia cordifolia (Manjishta) root powder

Gradient Colored SoapI was most impressed by the color obtained combining blue methyl and spirulina. Of course, I dreamt of a turquois which I have been looking for so long  in natural colorants, but when I cut the soap, this color was barely visible. Only after several days it changed into this turquois. A lovely descovery… !

Scented with Rosemary and lavender essential oil, this soap is a good bye soap for the sunny summer days and a rainbow soap for the rainy autumn days.

32 thoughts on “Gradient Soap

    • Oh, Marika, thanks, you are always so sweet!
      I usually make( at least) 2 soaps for these challenges, but this time I didn’t have enough time as my children school started 🙂

      • You did not have to make more than this one, it is so amazing. My husband said right away that it looks like a rainbow🙂

  1. Love your design and your use of naturals! I researched blue methyl, but can’t see anything that says it’s natural…. But that’s in the states! I am always looking for natural blues too… If you have more information on it, I would love to know! Gorgeous job!

    • Nicole, as far as I know, blue methyl is used as an antiseptic for external use, but you made me curious, so I will search more info about it.

  2. It’s incredible how amazing colours you got there and all natural! You’re so brave with combining, but the result (blue methlyl + spirulina) is stunning! Terrific job,Nat!

  3. I’m seriously impressed Nat, WOW! Those colors are vibrant and amazing, and the turquoise is stunning…you are a master of natural colorants!

  4. Like all the other, I must say that those colours are so beautiful! And yes, I also see rainbow in your soap but my first impression was like a Finnish landscape; lake, forest and that awsome sunset on late summer night.🙂

  5. Очень красивые цвета, вдохновляет – хочется повторить такое мыло.

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