Black Rice Soap

Black rice soap

“As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul”
Savon riz noirSoap made of: coconut oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, olive oil, lavender essential oi, powdered black rice.

28 thoughts on “Black Rice Soap

  1. Lovely! And romantic! I must say that the black rice makes the soap more interesting. I´m just starting to like/love lavender. I should try it even more. Now it is best pared with rosemary.

  2. Marika just took the words out of my mouth…they are lovely, and black rice sounds very interesting. Wondering, if we have any here in Finland…Lavender is one of my favourites, specially in soaps.

      • Well…I think we don’t have any of those here – I live in a small town (actually in country side) and we don’t have many exotic shops here. Unfortunately…😦

  3. I’m a big fan of lavender. But the black rice powder make it even more interesting, sounds like a cake for the body🙂 I’ve got to give it a try someday….

    • Thanks Jessie! I haven’t thought of this comparison, but indeed, the interesing color given by the black rice makes the soap look like a candy!🙂

  4. Очень люблю аромат лаванды и лавандовое мыло! Порошок чёрного риса придает этому мылу особый шарм! Очень-очень нравится!

  5. I really love your passion for exotic! And for poetry! Look at this list- all nuts and something in between…
    Great ideas for combining oils, how does the soap feel like?

  6. Totally love the rustic, natural, and charming look of your soap! Lavender is also a favorite of mine. When I was in Bangkok last April, I saw a lot of handmade soaps with black rice. I bought one from Harnn, but my husband left it at the restaurant! I have not found ground black rice here in the Philippines, but maybe I should grind some myself since that’s what I eat most of the time. Thank you for the inspiration, Natalia!

  7. Oh Natalia, what can I say about your soap that hasn’t already been said? It’s beautiful, it’s so creamy looking and your words are magic.

  8. Beautiful Soap Natalia! I just love the simplicity of the soap…so natural. It’s stunning =)

  9. What a gorgeous soap, Natalia! Its natural beauty is stunning. Powdered black rice sounds like such an interesting ingredient! I love the specks it creates in the soap.

  10. il est superbe…un ingrédient que je n’ai jamais testé en savonnerie : la poudre de riz trouve qu’il donne un bel effet au savon.

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