Dandelion Zebra Swirl

This month’s challenge from Amy Warden, of  Great Cakes Soapworks is the Dandelion Zebra Swirl.
This dandelion zebra  swirl was originally discovered by Vinvela Ebony from Dandelion SeiFee. It’s always nice to find out new creative soapers and it’s especially nice to see what the participants joining this challenge from all the corners of the world come with. It amazes me how every soaper interpretes the challenge differently and how original our attempts are.Dandelion Zebra Swirl SoapI really admire Amy for organizing these challenges and providing a step by step video and tutorial. I have already seen some soaps presenting this swirl and I was so curious to see the ‘how to’ video as I have never tried this technique before.

I have made a white and a black soap, so curious to see how this ”dandelion zembra” would look like. For the white soap I used as natural colorants: Australian Rose clay, indigo, yellow ochre, while for the black soap I used: Australian Black clay, Spiruline, Australian Rose clay, zinc oxide.Dandelion Zebra SwirlSoaps made of: coconut oil, olive oil, cacao butter, sunflower oil, palm oil, Niaouli essential oi, Lavender essential oil.

48 thoughts on “Dandelion Zebra Swirl

  1. They both look excellent, Nat! I don’t know why you made the second one,but that one is soooo striking! Your colours are wonderful! As usual, great job with taking pics! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. You did it again Natalia. Just lovely stripes. The white one is very classic, but the black soap is the one that made me look twice and it really caught my attention.

  3. Both are beautiful, Natalia! I think it is much more challenging to get a colorful soap with all natural ingredients but you manage so well!

  4. I really love the Black background soap! It’s vivid and stands out as not the same. Great combination and fantastic photos

    • Thanks Mayren! I wanted a darker black color which was not the case using the black clay. Maybe I should have put more of it, of I should have combine it with some activated charcoal… maybe next time🙂

  5. J’aime les 2 savons : les ingrédients, la réalisation de la technique, la photo waou …total chic les billes de savon indigo …

  6. Natalia, these are both so beautiful! I’m very impressed with how well your stripes turned out, and with the beautiful use of natural colorants (especially indigo, which gives me a lot of trouble). Excellent work!🙂

  7. I agree with you – we all have such a variation on our interpretations and I love seeing all the soaps. Love them both, and those pearls on the top.

  8. Firstly, can I just say how gorgeous your pictures are?! Just stunning! The soaps are both amazing (you are a master of those natural colorants!) and I love the soap pearls on the top of the first soap…so cute!

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