Chocolate Soap

“Chocolate doesn’t make the world go round … but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile!”

Chocolate Soap

16 thoughts on “Chocolate Soap

    • Multumesc Amalia, este argila rosie cu ocra rosa si este un rosu spre maro, nu e chiar atat de rosu aprins precum am vrea. Noroc ca aparatul le mai schimba nuantele dupa placul lui😉

  1. That looks delicious; I would like to eat that!🙂 And reminds me that I should make new chocolate soap batch soon…

  2. Is there a real chocolate in there,Nat? How much did you use? I made a soap using chocolate, ice-cream and strawberries last year,but used all of them very sparingly.
    Looks really like one of those delicious cakes of yours!

    • Yes, Maja, this soap contains melted dark chocolate+ cacao powder, maybe too much but you know how much I like chocolate (sorry, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly how much I put, I don’t use to weight the ingredients added at trace).

  3. Natalia, your soap really look yummie! What os the colour of the lather? I once used real cocoa butter, unrefined, smelling so great, but the lather was brown! Not so great to wash oneself! I did not try again!

  4. Love your soap Nat, it’s a great take on the night sky look. And it has chocolate in it?!?! Oh my goodness, that sounds divine! Must make for a wonderful shower experience.🙂

  5. Very pretty, Natalia! Love the colorful embeds and soap balls. I recently made a soap with cocoa powder and a chocolate FO. It looked like chocolate cake batter and I wanted to eat it.

  6. Oh I like this Natalia – such fun! Does it have a really chocolatey smell too? I’m a real chocolate lover – I do love Easter lol…

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