My Soaps and the World

My Soaps Are Featured On….

Julie’s Lifestyle
The Soap Bar
Lecturi de mamica
Olivia creaciones
Soap Queen
Kotikemistin pieni paja


Natural e mai bine
Blog of Soap- Macedonia
Blog of Soap Holly Swirl
Blog of Soap- Savon au Café
Diva Soap
Rue du Savon
Elefteria DesBulles du Savon
Soap Session


Kombucha Soap

“I would like to post a note regarding Natalia’s soaps. I have to say that I come from a place of incredible nature, abundance and wellbeing. Now, being here in Belgium I have long missed certain pleasures of my place of origin and nature itself. I have found in Natalia’s soaps the luxury of pure nature, the fantasy of exquisite smells and divine sensations. When I use Natalia’s products I can almost feel that I am home. I definitely feel that I am doing my body and my soul a great deal of good when bathing with these delicious products. I will keep using them indefinitely. Ah! These soaps have also become precious gifts to offer to the friends I deeply care about.

Thank you Natalia, for the quality and honesty that you put in your products.”
Ines Querejazu
Australian Red Clay Soap

The Soaps I have received…

During my soaping adventure, I have had some nice experiments with other soapers from other parts of the world.
Of course, I cannot forget all these beautiful moments and all the soaps I received and I tried for all of them to make a warmful place here on my blog. I keep some of the soaps as a souvenir  because I liked them so much. And I hope one day my soaps will be as good as those. In the meantime, let me introduce you to these world wide soaps:

Soaps from Japan
Soaps from Finland – Kotikemistin pieni paja
Soaps from Finland – SIGNATURELLI
Soaps from Russia
Soaps from Macedonia (1)
Soaps from Macedonia -Diva Soaps
Soaps from Philippines

Soaps from France
Dessine moi un savon
Fun’en Bulles

Soaps from Romania
Formula Naturala
Natural e mai bine
Valeria’s Soaps
Amaly’s Soaps
Amely’s Soaps
Zain Soap
Amalia Savin
Julicu Soaps
Sapunurile Adal

Soaps from Spain
Alegria Meditarenea
Olivia creaciones



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